In-School Field Trips


We help schools with hands-on Science Education!

Discover Science In-School Field Trips are designed to coordinate and enhance the science/STEM curriculum taught in schools through hands-on science experiments and activities. Our programs are excellent options for classroom visits, Science Day, Science Week, STEM Lab activities, and PTA/PTO/parent-led science programs. 

Most science themes are appropriate for any grade, although some themes coordinate better with specific grade-level standards. We adjust the complexity of the science material and activities based on grade level. 

Typical In-School Field Trips last 60 minutes and accommodate 20-32 students, depending on the theme. Fees for In-School Field Trips are $150/60-minute session with a 10% discount for each additional consecutive hour/session that day. Fees include all lab supplies and equipment (unless otherwise indicated), one Discover Science Educator, and travel costs (up to 20 miles from our Roswell location).

See what we do at Ocee Elementary: 

Ocee Elementary Science-X Encourages Science Innovation

In-school Field Trip Themes


Our Microscopic World
Food Web
Bug Science
Shark Science
Plant Dissections
Sea Monkey Science
DNA, Genes & Strawberries 
Mini-Med School: Circulatory System
Mini-Med School: Digestive System
Mini-Med School: Musculoskeletal System


Rube Goldberg Creations 
Mad Science Potions Lab
Salt - Matter and Changes in State
Water Cycle
Circuits: Simple to Complex
Circuit Deconstruction
Density Gradients
Magnets and Ferrofluid
Light Lab
Polymer Lab
Beakers, Liquids and Volume


Comets and Meteors
Weather Lab
Fossils and Rock Classification
Junior Geologists
Rock Cycle


Crash Course in Coding
Scribbling Robots
LEGO® Engineering and Design
LEGO® Racers
LEGO® Robotics 

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